Tiesto & Steve Aoki – Tornado (The Remixes)

Released today on Dim Mak Records is the remix package to Tiesto and Steve Aoki’s collaboration “Tornado.”  The original infuses styles from both artists and is played in both EDM artists sets.  Fist up, Angger Dimas uses many elements of the original tracks in the intro, outdo, and breakdowns, but goes completely out of the box with the lead, instead using his masterful skill set of synth play to create an oddly distorted Dutch style lead.  Felix Cartal goes with a more traditional club sound with his remix, using 80’s video game sounding synths in the breakdown and a crispy distorted bass line arranged with other bizarre synths.  Finally, Kill The Noise decides to break the pattern of Electro House remixes and creates wildly dramatic Dubstep track featuring the vocal of the lovely Polina.  Check out all the remixes below and be sure to grab the tracks you like at Beatport.

Angger Dimas Remix **Beatport**

Felix Cartal Remix **Beatport**

Kill The Noise Remix **Beatport**


Bassnectar – Colorstorm Remixtape

Everything this man releases these days just seems to be pure gold. The man himself, Bassnectar, has always been on the forefront of bass music over the years and continues to show his strength on this fresh release. This 35 minute explosion of sounds explores the depths of his brand of dubstep, DnB, some industrial and great classic mashups. His music displays the perfect combination of heavy and intense wobbles and synths while maintaining a beat that forces your feet to move. Be sure to listen for some unreleased tracks and do not hesitate to download this mix for free right here.

Bassnectar – Colorstorm Remixtape

Bass be with you,



Dirtyphonics – The Mystery Mix

Although Dirtyphonics claims to be from Paris, their music is definitely from the far reaches of the universe. This new mystery mix on their soundcloud starts off like a meteor from space with their remix of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. It seems that the pace only quickens as this compilation of madness escalates towards pure insanity. It’s only a thirty minute mix but not one of them is close to being bad. If you are not particularly fond of DnB, consider this mix your pathway to conversion. Dirtyphonics guide their listeners on a journey through a galaxy of glitches, perfect vocal samples, driving drum beats, and some very unique and evolved bass music. If you’re a bass head already do not hesitate to snag this mix immediately! As for those skeptics out there, buckle up, the future have arrived!

Dirtyphonics – The Mystery Mix

Bass be with you


Savoy – I’m In Need

Boulder duo Savoy have always been a favorite of mine since I discovered them last year.  Their sound has changed drastically in only about two short years from party starting Electro House, to Big Room Progressive House, to their latest infatuation with Dubstep.  “I’m In Need” is a fantastic Dubstep track that fuses a few elements from all their former sounds, combining them into one dance floor destroying sound.  Excellent sampling paired with gritty wobbles from all corners of the universe compose the lead, while euphoric Progressive chords and pads make the break downs.  An excellent track worth every bit of your attention and support.  Check it out below and make sure to grab it at Beatport.

Savoy – I’m In Need


Zomboy – Never Say Die Vol. 13

One series of mixes that I can never get enough of are those by the Never Say Die crew. This record label pushes out a fresh mix with every new artist release. This time around, the relative newcomer Zomboy delivers a mind-melting arrangement of the heaviest and freshest dubstep to date. With original tunes like “Organ Donor” and “Game Time” accompanied by veterans like Doctor P and Funtcase, this mix has it all. This compilation isn’t for everyone but if you appreciate the heavier aspects of dubstep I am sure you will dig this mix. It’s glitchy, dancy, and filthy as hell. Swipe yourself a copy here. Oh and make sure to watch your jaw during the first listen, we don’t want any drool on the keyboard now do we?

Zomboy – Never Say Die Vol. 13

Bass be with you


Bassnectar – The Matrix

Forget the red pill, you need to take a listen to this new song by the ever evolving Bassnectar. The master bass craftsman himself returns with Divergent Spectrum, a stunning 15 piece dubstep gem. One of its standout tracks, “The Matrix”, starts out with a catchy hip hop beat that builds perfectly into a trademark heavy Bassnectar drop. His signature wobbles shine through on this track as they have evolved into cleaner and meaner sounds. If you haven’t seen this man live you need to do so immediately. Not only is he an excellent producer, his live performances are some of the best and most energetic shows across the electronic music scene. Check out the rest of the album for more monstrous tunes here.

Bassnectar – The Matrix


Diplo & Datsik feat. Kay – Pick Your Poison

After a little bit of a wait, “Pick Your Poison” is here from Diplo and Datsik.  I love these two working together for a couple of reasons.  Diplo has shown immense infatuation with all things Dubstep recently, but also Datsik has the potential to show Diplo a few tricks to some serious wobbles and bass.  Both influences can be heard very well in the track, from the organ-viloin like break downs and super saw chords constructed by Diplo, into the immense bass lines and wobbles constructed by Datsik.  If you haven’t heard this yet, take a listen and make sure to grab this from Beatport immediately.

Diplo & Datsik feat. Kay – Pick Your Poison