Light Year – 5 Girls (Harvard Bass Remix)

This track has been sitting in my inbox for quite some time and now I’m finally going to get around to it.  Harvard Bass is one of the most ruthless remixers I have ever come by.  Even when I started getting into Harvard Bass around three years ago, the man had an enormous amount of remixes that were praised, supported, and championed by some of the biggest producers in the game.  Lately, Harvard Bass has been on a Techno tear, and he continues his run with a remix of Light Year’s “5 Girls.”  Most of the original song is unrecognizable, like most Harvard Bass remixes, but subtle vocal hooks can be heard.  Awesome bass line and even better remix.  Check it out and grab it at Beatport.

Light Year – 5 Girls (Harvard Bass Remix)


Cirez D – Mokba

Today is a great day people.  The sun is shining, the end of summer is nowhere in sight, and Eric Prydz has returned in his alter ego, Cirez D, to break down the dance floors and make the kids go crazy.  Fresh from his EPIC set and thousands of Youtube previews, “Mokba” finally has come out to play.  Infusing a bit of Electro into his most recent production, Cirez D lightens his usual dark Techno atmosphere to let the sun in and let the children Techno.  Another great release to follow from his most recent Pryda 20 release and so much more to come from Eric Prydz, Pryda, and Cirez D.  Check out the track below and make sure to download it at Beatport.

Cirez D – Mokba


Boys Noize & Erol Alkan feat. Jarvis Cocker – Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)

Back from the deep spaces of Boys Noize and Erol Alkan’s vinyl stashes is “Avalanche.”  The two have brought English musician Jarvis Cocker to the track to give it a darker than black Techno vibe.  Not only has Jarvis Cocker joined the production, but the lyrics have been adopted from musician, poet, and novelist Leonard Cohen’s “Avalanche.”  As a side note, the release came with a small message from the people over at Phantasy Records, saying that this track will follow with an EP filled with more goodies from Boys Noize and Erol Alkan.  Check out the darkness below and grab it at Beatport.

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan feat. Jarvis Cocker – Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)