Dubstep Shoes For The Spring Step

Now, we’ve meant to do a few charts by now, but the college life is a busy life filled with school work, exams, boozing, and just overall never finishing what you mean to finish.  Therefore, I’ve made it a mission to complete this post with some recent Dubstep tracks that I’ve really been digging.  So, for all you bass heads and grimy blokes out there, here’s seven tracks to get you through the day, rock out at night, start a riot, and maybe even fall asleep to!

First up is a new track from UK based producer Gemini.  Gemini reminds me a lot of Nero in the way they build their tracks, beginning with very dark and subtle builds into devastating and face melting bass lines.  Really love the vocals on this track and can’t wait to see more from this young and talented Dubstep producer.

Gemini – Blue (Beatport)

Next up is new tracks from Minneapolis homie, Vaski.  We posted a remix of this song done be LA natives Cold Blank a few days ago, but the original is worthy of being included in this charted post.  Vaski began producing as a hard style Electro House producer, but quickly moved into Dubstep.  “Storm Chaser” is a perfect track that fuses his edgy electro obsession with his harsh Dubstep wobbles.

Vaski – Storm Chaser (Beaport)

Robyn gets the remix treatment from electro and wobble maestro Feed Me.  When Rusko talks about happy Dubstep, this track is a perfect example.  Great arpeggiated chords to go along with Robyn’s melodic voice and then a few harsh wobbles to intensify the atmosphere a bit.  Perfect for the happy vibes from Spring wouldn’t ya say?

Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) (Download)

LET THE BASS CANNON KICK IT!  Flux Pavilion nails this one right on the head with a kick from the Bass Cannon.  To really appreciate this track you need a sub of some kind to hear the massive sub bass Flux has running under the entire track.  Love the drums in the breakdown, love the vocal hook, love Flux Pavilion.  Long live the Flux!

Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (Beatport)

Now, here’s another group that just has a great formula for producing.  Nero sticks with their methods and never fail to bring the noise.  “Guilty” reminds me a lot of innocence, but with a more in your face lead.  Very euphoric and dark, like always.  I’m sure trying to communicate with someone at a Nero show wouldn’t make sense at all?

Nero – Guilty (VIP Mix) (Unreleased)

You may remember EmalKay from his 2009 smash hit “When I Look At You” which absolutely took over the Dubstep charts when it first dropped.  Now, EmalKay drops his new track “Fabrication” which sticks to his traditional mellow Dubstep roots, with a hint of electronica.  “Fabrication” has a great breakdown and great bassline.  EmalKay take over!!

EmalKay – Fabrication (Beatport)

Next is cross over artist named Figure.  Figure began in the Electro wobble house scene, and now flirts with Dubstep as well as Dubstep’s disturbed sister, Drumstep.  Really love Figure’s originality in his tracks and the use of dozens of sampled hooks before the bass drops in.

Figure – Aliens (Download)

Last but certainly not least is grime head extraordinaire, Downlink.  Downlink, if you don’t already know, will be at the Majestic in Madison this Saturday to bring the ruckus.  Downlink loves to experiment with odd and confusing leads and wobbles, that making dancing to his music almost impossible and predicting what’s next certainly an anomaly.  We will be doing a featured write-up of the show soon, but in the meantime enjoy his latest track “Biohazard.”  Grab your tickets for the Downlink here and enjoy the rest of your night jackin’ out to the Dirty Dub.

Downlink – Biohazard (Beatport)