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Dr. Gonzo & Savage Skulls – Bust ‘Em Up (Na Ciphra) (Fatboy Slim Edit)

Has Fatboy Slim ever not been in the forefront of dance music?  The guy is how old and still making crunchy tunes for the masses.  Well count this new edit he has done for Dr. Gonzo, aka Crookers, and Savage Skulls as another notch in his belt.  The original “Bust ‘Em Up” was a bit experimental and hard to play live because of the absence of a steady four to the floor kick drum.  Norm has simply added some new drums and a rolling bass line to compensate for the fact, and has beautifully worked the other elements around this, or maybe it was the other way around?  Whatever his method was for making this record, there is no denying the fact that this track still carries all the punch of the original, plus a little added rhythm and groove that was lacking.  Check out the track below and make sure to grab this edit and all the other remixes at Beatport.

Dr. Gonzo & Savage Skulls – Bust ‘Em Up (Na Ciphra) (Fatboy Slim Edit)


Shinichi Osawa – Love Will Guide You (Depressed Buttons Remix)

I’m just going to keep pouring on the free tunes today.  From Depressed Buttons, aka the boys from The Faint, we have this stunning remix they have done for Shinichi Osawa’s mega smash original, “Love Will Guide You.”  In typical Depressed Buttons fashion, they infuse their wacky sense of EDM, adding 808 type drums, wild and crazy reworking of the main lead, and sprinkling in some original Depressed Buttons to make your head spin.  Personally, I don’t think there is a way to go wrong remixing “Love Will Guide You,” but I’m glad to see some more remixes coming out this phenomenally great track.  Check it out below and make sure to download and support.

Shinichi Osawa – Love Will Guide You (Depressed Buttons Remix)


Chromeo – When The Night Falls (Breakbot Remix)





returns with a remix of the next single of the Chromeo album called “When The Night Falls.”  Nothing but pure Funk and Disco rhythms infused into the remix.  This the first track since “Fantasy” came out on Ed Banger Records way back in April for Breakbot and it’s safe to say that Breakbot breaks back with a bang.  A short remix perfect for easy listening, casual drinking, and watching the sun set.  Take a listen to this sensual remix and grab this and the rest of the remixes at Beatport.

Chromeo – When The Night Falls (Breakbot Remix)


Digitalism – I Club You, Dude EP

DIGITALISM, DIGITALISM, DIGITALISM!  That’s right, Digitalism is back again with an EP which I can only imagine is a providing promotion for June 20th release date of their new album “I Love You, Dude.”  Again, I may be biased here, but I think this EP is incredibly well done and maybe some of the best stuff Digitalism has released in the last year.  First up, “Encore” blasts you in the face with the typical Digitalism Electro Rock sound they are so famous for; simple, yet interesting bass line, guitar sounding distorted synths, and Rock n Roll drum patterns.  Next up is the unrestrained body blaster called “Antibiotic” which shows Digitalism’s appreciation of early German Techno.
Third, we have”Silenz” which drips with Digitalism flavor that reminds me a lot of “Zdarlight.”  Finally, we come to “Reeperbahn” which displays Digitalism’s true Punk Rock nature, showcasing highly distorted synths, Metallica like bass lines, pounding cymbals and hi hats, and don’t forget about the creepy pitched down vocal.  Love all the tracks, and I think you might too, so check them out, grab them at Beatport, and get ready for “I Love You, Dude” out on June 2oth.






Cosmic Kids – Reginald’s Groove (Classixx Remix)

Haven’t heard too much commotion from these to LA lads lately.  Classixx jumped on my radar with their incredible track “I’ll Get You” a must play from myself at the KK every Wednesday.  Beyond that, these two have been relatively quite, gearing up for what I assume would be an album in the near future.  Classixx roots themselves in the always funky bass line, paired with an incredible gift for creating groove within their percussion.  Evident in their remix for Cosmic Kids’ “Reginald’s Groove” is an even greater understanding for funk piano chord progressions.  Absolutely fell in love with their use of the vocal sample and the subtle risers they use to create tension.  You’d be crazy not to take a listen and grab your own copy at Beatport.

Cosmic Kids – Reginald’s Groove (Classixx Remix)


Check out and download your own copy of their new single forthcoming on their new album.  No real news on the album, but if it sounds anything like “Into The Valley” I’m guaranteeing it to be a hit.  Download, share, and enjoy!

Classixx feat. Karl Dixon – Into The Valley