Kylian Mash feat. Akon and Glasses – Certified (Hatiras Remix)

A few days ago, wildly talented producer Hatiras released his remix of Kylian Mash’s “Certified,” which features the vocals of Akon and rapper Glasses Malone.  The remix is a typical funk filled Hatiras banger that shows of Hatiras’ skills with vocal processing and layering into an energized and grooving house track.  Make sure to take a listen to the track below and grab it at free expense from Hatiras himself!  Enjoy!

Glasses Malone feat. Akon – Certified (Hatiras Remix) **Free Download**


Dr. Gonzo & Savage Skulls – Bust ‘Em Up (Na Ciphra) (Fatboy Slim Edit)

Has Fatboy Slim ever not been in the forefront of dance music?  The guy is how old and still making crunchy tunes for the masses.  Well count this new edit he has done for Dr. Gonzo, aka Crookers, and Savage Skulls as another notch in his belt.  The original “Bust ‘Em Up” was a bit experimental and hard to play live because of the absence of a steady four to the floor kick drum.  Norm has simply added some new drums and a rolling bass line to compensate for the fact, and has beautifully worked the other elements around this, or maybe it was the other way around?  Whatever his method was for making this record, there is no denying the fact that this track still carries all the punch of the original, plus a little added rhythm and groove that was lacking.  Check out the track below and make sure to grab this edit and all the other remixes at Beatport.

Dr. Gonzo & Savage Skulls – Bust ‘Em Up (Na Ciphra) (Fatboy Slim Edit)


Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Richard Grey Bootleg)

After dropping his absolute bomb of a track “No Deputy” featuring the vocals of Bob Marley, Richard Grey would like to add to the summer vibes by giving away a little special treat.  Remixing the King of Pop, Richard Grey turns the already danceable “Billie Jean” into a groovy and sensual House track for the ages.  The bass line hasn’t been changed, and why would it, it’s already one of the funk-iest bass lines you may ever hear.  Sprinkled over the track are stabs from Michael Jackson, showing that the King of Pop isn’t dead.  Absolute wonderful bootleg remix here from Richard Grey.  Can’t wait for more!   Check it out below and make sure to grab it.

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Richard Grey Bootleg)


Jamie Woon – Lady Luck (Federico Scavo Bootleg)

Lately, Federico Scavo has not been able to do wrong (I talk as if he ever did).  The last track I posted about FS was a track called “Strump,” a track which I played repeatedly the day I posted it.  Well, Federico is back with a sexy House bootleg remix for Jamie Woon.  I hate to say it, but I had never heard of Jamie Woon before this track, but after listening to this remix and the original, I can say this guy has a voice made for R&B, and maybe House music one day.  Federico adds some impeccable groovy percussion behind the chanting and harmonizing of Jamie Woon and fellow vocalists.  FS doesn’t really have to do much to make this a perfect track for opening a crowd.  Can’t wait to play this live.  Take a listen and make sure to download!

Jamie Woon – Lady Luck (Federico Scavo Bootleg)


Chocolate Puma & Firebeatz – Go Bang! (Original + Hardcore Mix)

I can’t say that I saw this collaboration coming, but I am quite excited about it to say the least.  Twenty year House veterans Chocolate Puma team up with Firebeatz to bring us the wonderful Tech House flavors of “Go Bang!.”  The original mix screams Chocolate Puma percussion and groove, sporting a funky female and responding male vocal, chanting back at each other in a game of seduction.  The hardcore mix belongs to Firebeatz, an aggressive Electro House track working with an Acid House type bass line and accompanying club like elements.  Both mixes are quite the listen, so give them both a try and then grab them at Beatport.

Original Mix…

Hardcore Mix…


Shinichi Osawa – Love Will Guide You (Depressed Buttons Remix)

I’m just going to keep pouring on the free tunes today.  From Depressed Buttons, aka the boys from The Faint, we have this stunning remix they have done for Shinichi Osawa’s mega smash original, “Love Will Guide You.”  In typical Depressed Buttons fashion, they infuse their wacky sense of EDM, adding 808 type drums, wild and crazy reworking of the main lead, and sprinkling in some original Depressed Buttons to make your head spin.  Personally, I don’t think there is a way to go wrong remixing “Love Will Guide You,” but I’m glad to see some more remixes coming out this phenomenally great track.  Check it out below and make sure to download and support.

Shinichi Osawa – Love Will Guide You (Depressed Buttons Remix)


Ridney, The Phantom’s Revenge & Ghosts Of Venice – Looking For You (Ridney + The Phantom’s Revenge Mixes)

It has finally happened people.  I never thought I would see the day, but some of the greatest House producers at this moment have teamed up to create what is sure to be an epic release for Hed Kandi.  Ridney, The Phantom’s Revenge, and Ghosts Of Venice, each extremely talented House producers in their own right, have come together to create the jackin’ House beat that is “Looking For You.”  Ridney’s mix of the track features impeccable percussion and sampling techniques, while The Phantom’s Revenge shows off his French Filter abilities and adds a bit of Disco-Funk to the track.  Overall, the whole release should go down in history, but if not, maybe take a listen and grab the whole release at Beatport.

Ridney Mix…

The Phantom’s Revenge Mix…