Albin Myers – Faking Love EP

Boy am I glad to be back and getting back into the swing of things.  Be prepared for many posts today, for not only is it my first day back on the job, but today also marks the first day of Summerfest.  For those unaware of Summerfest, do a Google search and you will find that it is the largest music festival in the world.  But any who, let’s begin with the first EP from Albin Myers out now on his brand new label Soundtrack of the Living Dead.  “Faking Love” is the brand new single from Albin, and why not go big with the first release on his new label.  Included in the EP are two different mixes from Myer’s, one Electro House mix and one Progressive House mix.  Also, there includes a great Dubstep mix from Myback (John Dahlback and Albin Myers) plus an incredible House mix for the clubs from Sebastien Drums and Rob Adans.  I love all the tracks, but my favorite must be the Prog mix.  Make sure to check all the mixes below and grab the rest from Beatport.

Electro Mix…

Prog Mix…

Myback Remix…

Sebastien Drums & Rob Adans Remix…


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