Dirtyphonics – The Mystery Mix

Although Dirtyphonics claims to be from Paris, their music is definitely from the far reaches of the universe. This new mystery mix on their soundcloud starts off like a meteor from space with their remix of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. It seems that the pace only quickens as this compilation of madness escalates towards pure insanity. It’s only a thirty minute mix but not one of them is close to being bad. If you are not particularly fond of DnB, consider this mix your pathway to conversion. Dirtyphonics guide their listeners on a journey through a galaxy of glitches, perfect vocal samples, driving drum beats, and some very unique and evolved bass music. If you’re a bass head already do not hesitate to snag this mix immediately! As for those skeptics out there, buckle up, the future have arrived!

Dirtyphonics – The Mystery Mix

Bass be with you


One response

  1. Chalet

    He who knows bass best is back with a bloody beautiful mix! Bravo kills it again! Well done friend. 🙂

    September 8, 2011 at 9:40 am

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