Bassnectar – Upside Down

“Upside Down” is the first track that has been released of Bassnectar’s new album “Divergent Spectrum.”  Within a few seconds of listening I am sure you will be able to recognize this as a piece of Lorin Ashton’s work.

Bassnectar – Upside Down

On a related note, today is also the first day that tickets go on sale for the Bassnectar concert in Milwaukee.  The show will take place at the Rave and EOTO will be an opening.  You may be saying “hey that concert is 3 months away, why should I be concerned about getting tickets already?”  Twice now I have underestimated demand for his tickets and have had to pay stupid amounts of money to scalpers.  But I will not make this mistake again.  These two amazing acts performing together on one night and the lack of other touring stops by both acts are sure to make this show a highly desired ticket.

Disclaimer:  I normally am not a very big fan of dubstep.  I think most of it sounds like a robots being tortured.  It is not a type of music that I enjoy listening to casually, but I will make an exception for it in the live setting.  And Bassnectar and EOTO are easily my two favorite dubstep performers. Having seen Bassnectar upwards of 8 times already I can honestly say he tears down the house every single time he performs.  But that is not to say that EOTO doesn’t do the same thing.  My own musical taste come much more from the jam band scene so I find EOTO to be especially entertaining to see live.  Their live, improvised dubstep and electro sound is always a dirty, funky party that is not to be missed.  So now I have my tickets, do you have yours?


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