Cory Enemy & Dillon Francis – Ultra EP

After hearing the Hitz remix by Dillon Francis this morning, I did not think I would come across something even more filthy from this young producer in a matter of a few hours. After diggin’ through Dillon Francis’ soundcloud I found the Ultra EP, the product of the collaboration between himself and Cory Enemy. This little three tune gem transgresses the barriers between grimy dubstep, luvstep, progressive house, and every other genre around these days. The first song, Ultra, gracefully presents itself with atmospheric synths and vocals and out of nowhere unleashes a cosmic fury. The other two tracks continue to blur the lines between genres and further evolve electronic music. I’m really diggin’ the vibes here and I hope you guys enjoy!

Cory Enemy & Dillon Francis – Ultra

Cory Enemy & Dillon Francis – I Love You

Cory Enemy & Dillon Francis – Who The Fuck Are You

Bass be with you


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