DeathStar – Funk Soul

How’s it goin’ everybody, my name’s Bravo and I am the new west coast extension of the Sound of My Shoes family. I’m stoked to share some good tunes and good vibes with you all. I live out in California and I hope to bring you some golden west coast jams. I love music and I love the constant evolution that electronic music is currently experiencing. It is an incredible art form and I hope to further elevate the collective consciousness with my contributions here.

The epic future bass sounds that MartyParty and the rest of the west coast crew have been putting out lately has been nothing short of amazing. Including the likes of Mimosa, PANTyRAiD, Gladkill, and Heyoka, this scene has been making a huge impact on festivals like Lightning in A Bottle and Earthdance. The constant collaborations between these guys has bred a new combo, DeathStar. This time around MartyParty pairs up with Minnesota to deliver the Ultraviolet Halo EP. The first track off this EP is called Funk Soul and its got plenty of both! The atmospheric melody and crunchy bassline have taken this track to a whole new level in the world of future bass. If you aren’t very familiar with this genre, check these guys out and I’m sure you’ll love what you hear! The Ultraviolet Halo EP is available for free, click here and snag it. Also I’ve thrown in some other future bass jams so take a listen and feel the love.

DeathStar – Funk Soul


If you guys like the vibes coming from DeathStar, then I think you may like these treats as well.  Take a listen!

Gladkill – Take It Slow

Glitch Mob – Drive It Like You Stole It (Stephan Jacobs Remix)

Bass be with you


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  1. This makes perfect sense to me..

    December 2, 2011 at 1:21 am

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