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Apster – Marrakech (Original Mix)

After huge success with Eva Simmons on “I Need More,” which also was released on Wall Recordings, Apster is back with another imprint on Afrojack’s label called “Marrakech.”  Blending arcade sounding synths with playful synths and melodies, “Marrakech” quickly takes a turn towards Apster’s traditional sound: a blend of oddly layered bass lines with sprinkles of accompanying synths from many different influences.  Apster never fails to impress, but I do hope that he plans to add a vocal for the breakdowns, adding some extra layers and personalities to the track.  We can only wait and see my friends.  Check out the track below and make sure to grab it at Beatport when you’re ready.

Apster – Marrakech (Original Mix) **Beatport**



Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, & Nayer – Give Me Everything (Various Remixes)

Another remix package for a pop song!  That’s right, Pitbull’s latest track “Give Me Everything” gets remixed by a handful of artists, almost all Dutch, who tear this track a new one.  The original track is good, at least for Top 40, but even with Afrojack on the record, it still sounds like he’s holding back.  Maybe I’m delusional, but when Afrojack does work for Top 40 artists, I sense he restrains from his usual debauchery, but maybe that’s to tailor to the radio more.  Anyways, not only does Afrojack remix his own track, but also on the bill is Sidney Samson, Bingo Players, Jump Smokers, and Apster.  Personally, all tracks are quality, but my favorite is Apster’s remix.  Apster creates a very dark and powerful lead that deserves nothing less than to be played on festival type speakers.  Behind Apster comes Jump Smokers and Bingo Players tied for second, and falling behind those come Sidney Samson followed by Afrojack.  Seems weird Afrojack falls to the end of my list, but he just didn’t have it on this one folks.  Sometimes the sun don’t shine ya know?  Anyways, listen to all of them and be patient for a release date.

Afrojack Remix…

Sidney Samson Remix…

Bingo Players Remix…

Jump Smokers Club Mix…

Apster Remix…


Apster & Bassjackers – Brougham/Contour EP

These Dutchies just won’t go away will they?  Another collaboration amongst Dutch producers, this time Apster teams up with SOMS favorites, Bassjackers on a latest installment from Wall Recordings.  The first track off the EP, “Brougham,” is an experimental Dutch sound, bordering on the edge of Dubstep.  With a grimy and gritty lead, the typical Dutch sound is added behind everything to lift the track with subtle silence stops to add tension.  The second track “Contour” features a great break and build section of true Dutch Progressive chords into an epic lead which resembles the revving of a car.  Tribal drums, constant Hi hats, and an impeccable sense of direction from this trio.  Check the EP out and then grab it at Beatport!




Pass That Dutch

Recently, I’ve found myself in a Dutch fade, and I can’t tear myself away from it.  In the past, I think Dutch house was hit or miss for me because the bleeps and crazy increasing and decreasing bleeps just made my head shake, and not in the good way.  However, I find myself really captured within the production of some of these tracks, which are extremely complex and though out.  This post is just a little insight into what I’ve been listening to lately and some of the better Dutch House productions coming out as of lately.  Enjoy the downloads and grab the others at Beatport.

Did a preview post for this track earlier.  Quintino and Apster are two dutchies who loves their bleeps.  I love the simplistic nature of this track.  Even though it’s so simple, there is something addicting about how they gradually fade in the bleeps.

Quintino & Apster – Music Oh

Really great Bootleg by Inphinity.  Who knew Adele and Afrojack went together so well?

Adele vs Afrojack – Rolling It Right (Inphinity Bootleg)

Was going to do a preview post on this, but just got too busy.  R3hab comes back on fire with “The Bottle Song” a blend of deadmau5 sounding chords and astronomical sounding bleeps.  Love the first build and drop.  Pretty sure Afrojack played this in his set at Ultra in the Carl Cox Arena.

R3hab – The Bottle Song

Apster’s take on Sidney Samson’s new track “Set Me On Fire.”  Great Dutch track which ditches the bleeps and goes for the more roaring and rolling bass similar to “Babylon” by Congorock sound.

Sidney Samson – Set Me On Fire (Apster Remix)

Have you ever seen those artists that take a blank canvas and then just throw paint everywhere?  Looks kinda cool sometimes right?  Sidney Samson must have been attempting to do this with his first release on his new label, RockTheHouze.  Crazy bleeps and sounds all over the place, perfect for a memorable first release.

Sidney Samson – Blasted


Quintino & Apster – Music Oh (Preview)


New track from Dutch masterminds Quintino and Apster.  These two have put out plenty of Dutch bombs respectively, and now that they’re collaborating to create more bleepitty bleeps than your ears can handle.  Laidback Luke has a knack for grabbing young artists and developing their careers like he has with Afrojack as well as Sandro Silva, so it’s not surprise here that he’s helping out his fellow countrymen Quintino and Apster.  Very simple Dutch lead line, but something about the combination of drums and background distorted synth really grabs my attention.  Keep an eye on these two young lads and make sure to grab “Music Oh” when it’s released on Mixmash Records on April 11th.