Monday Roundup Vol. 001

Monday is EDM’s most popular day as swarms of record labels dish out highly awaited tracks to the hungry audiences of dance music enthusiasts.  Since posting on every single track released on Monday is daunting challenge, I have instead decided to bring all these releases together into what will be known as the Monday Roundup.  Today’s roundup includes tracks from Hook N Sling remixing Michael Calfan’s “Mozaik,” Calvin Harris and Nicky Romero’s fresh collaboration “Iron,” and Sultan & Ned Shepard’s collaboration with Thomas Sagstad called “Somebody To Love.”  Make sure to check out all the tracks below and grab them at Beatport.

Eitro – Character (Original Mix)

Michael Calfan – Mozaik (Hook N Sling Remix)

Jordy Dazz & Dannic – Fuego (Original Mix)

Calvin Harris & Nicky Romero – Iron (Original Mix)

Sultan & Ned Shepard vs Thomas Sagstad feat. Dirty Vegas – Somebody To Love (Original Mix)


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