Future Music Magazine posts “In The Studio with Avicii” to Youtube

Future Music, the magazine responsible for entering the major studio’s of some of dance music’s most prolific producers has just released one of their more recent “In the Studio” video’s to YouTube.  Future Music has sat in on studio sessions with the likes of Steve Angello, Ian Carrey, and Chocolate Puma, but their most monumental studio session to date has to be with the budding Swedish producer sweeping the globe known as Avicii.  In the video, Avicii is seen working on his remix for fellow Swede, Eric Turner.  Within roughly an hour and a half, Avicii has the structure of the track complete, and without a lead that can resemble the final draft.  Check out the video above and then check out the final mix below.  Lastly, don’t forget to grab the remix for “Dancing In My Head” at Beatport.

Eric Turner vs Avicii – Dancing In My Head (Avicii’s Been Cursed Remix) **Beatport**


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