Morgan Page Podcast – Episode 60

Here wer are, talking about Morgan Page and his wonderful podcasts.  Episode 60 has some really amazing tracks in it so listen up and get educated.  Opening up the highly anticipated Avicii track “Fade Into Darkness,” Morgan Page moves into a few more amazing tracks from Dirty South & Thomas Gold’s “Alive” and then into Calvin Harris’ “Bounce.”  A few other tracks I’m a huge fan of are “The World” by Hardwell, “Hydra” by Deniz Koyu. and Ryan Kono’s remix of “Metropolis” by Sgt Slick.  Check out the podcast below and be sure to download!

Morgan Page Podcast – Episode 60


1. Avicii – “Fade Into Darkness”
2. Thomas Gold & Dirty South – “Alive” [Phazing]
3. Calvin Harris – “Bounce” [Ultra]
4. Willy Naraine “If I Could Fall” (Victor Callea Remix) [WePlay]
5. Above & Beyond – “A Thing Called Love” (Andrew Bayer Remix) [Anjunabeats]
6. Martin Solveig vs Benny Benassi & Chris Brown – “Ready 4 Beautiful People”(Hardwell Mashup)
7. Hardwell – “The World” [Revealed]
8. Sgt Slick – “Metropolis” (Ryan Kono Remix) [Vicious]
9. Deniz Koyu – “Hydra” [Joia]
10. Bass Jackers vs. Richad Dinsdale & D. Ramirez – “Mush Up Ya Ego” (Morgan Page Mashup)
11. Adrian Luxe – “Boy” (Hardwell Remix) [Ultra]
12. Peter Brown & Etienne Ozborne – “Change The World” (Hard Rock Sofa Remix) [ClubSound]


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