Tiesto – Work Hard, Play Hard feat. Kay (Original + Autoerotique Remix)

Finally, Tiesto’s “Work Hard, Play Hard” has been released on Musical Freedom, and this track couldn’t be any bigger.  Although I don’t remember hearing Tiesto playing this at EDC, I’ve heard previews and videos of this track being played all over the place.  Another Progressive-Electro crossover track, which Tiesto seems to be quite content with producing for the last year or so.  Kay adds another element to the track with her vocals and party people message.  On the remix is none other than Tiesto favorite, Autoerotique.  Fat bass line, click clacky percussion loops, and a party vibe Tiesto can only match comprises the Autoerotique remix.  Both tracks are weapons of mass distortion, so listen with caution.  Check out both tracks below and grab them at Beatport.

Original Mix…

Autoerotique Remix…


One response

  1. Tom

    I must see this live!

    August 2, 2011 at 2:35 pm

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