Eva – Ashes (Chuckie Remix)

Chuckie has been on a tear for remixing lately and don’t say I’m complaining.  I think remixing is an art just as much as original production is and right now Chuckie has found an obsession with recreation.  Now, I will say that lyrics of “Ashes” by Eva are a little corny and cheesy, but Chuckie makes up for that by adding a huge Dutch drop that literally knocks you on your heels.  I was hoping that there may be a Dub version of the mix, stripped of Eva’s vocals in the break down and bridge.  Maybe they will release that version after reading this post!  Highly unlikely, but I can dream.  Take a listen to the track below and grab it from Beatport now.

Eva – Ashes (Chuckie Remix)


Also, check out the new “Roll with Chuckie” competition going on at his Facebook page.  One lucky fan has a chance to travel with Chuckie from his Identity performance in Pittsburgh to his residency at LIV Nightclub in Miami from August 13th to the 15th.  Click on the “Roll with Chuckie” tab for more information.


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