The M Machine – Trafalgar

I remember seeing a preview for this new group a while back, but was totally in a fog about who they are.  Well, that fog never disappeared and I’m still struggling to figure out who these guys are.  According to, The M Machine are a reincarnation of Pance Party, but even that seems loosely based of a lack of evidence.  We may not know the identity of The M Machine, but I can tell you their sound is nowhere close to unidentifiable.  “Trafalgar,” the first single from the mystery group, features a classic Electro sound and hook, something hard to find in this “complextro” driven Electro sound so often heard these days.  Reminds me of older Spencer & Hill, a sound I think more Electro produces should revert back to.  No matter my opinion on the current sound of Electro, be sure that The M Machine have big things in store.  Check out the track below and feel free to download.

The M Machine – Trafalgar


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