Madeon – Pop Culture (Mashup)

If you haven’t seen nor heard about this amazing Madeon performance, I’m sorry to be cliché here, but you’ve been living under a rock.  Madeon, the phenomenal 17-year-old French producer, released a video of him performing a track composed of 39 different songs he simply likes ranging from Pop to Dance music.  Thanks to Dan Aux, you can now download this track from his Soundcloud page for free in full 320 kbps glory.  Try and name all the tracks he uses in the comments and lets see how many we can get.

Madeon – Pop Culture (Mashup)


If you haven’t seen the video yet, please check it out.  I think just watching this 17-year-old Frenchmen do his thing is remarkable.


One response

  1. Elly

    Best Mashup Ever

    Little music video of this mashup realise by a french blogger:

    July 19, 2011 at 9:07 am

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