Promise Land Mashups

So the Promise Land guys put this out last week I was just a little late to get around to it.  These guys have combined some great songs to create some really great mashups that they are giving away to all their fans.  They begin with a great mashup of Deniz Koyu’s “Tung!” with Dek 31’s massive 2007 hit “Gnuk.”  Next up, the unforgettable “Save The World” by Swedish House Mafia with Hard Rock Sofa’s impeccable remix of Plastik Funk & Tune Brothers “Groovy Baby.”  Third, a great mashup of David Tort’s “Jack It Up” with Madonna’s vocals from her 2000 single “Music.”  Next, Promise land combine the timeless vocals from Calvin Harris’ “You Used To Hold Me” with David Guetta’s brand new single “Little Bad Girl.”  Finally, Avicii’s wildly epic “Jailbait” travels back in time to meet Junior Jack’s “Thrill Me.”  All are great and FREE, so grab which ever one you so desire.


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