Sander van Doorn – Koko (Various Remixes)

Been waiting on these remixes ever since “Koko” was released in April.  All the remixes are solid and come from some great producers who seem to be putting out nothing but fire lately.  We begin with the Bingo Players who infuse their typical Fidget House like lead into with use of the original breakdown whistle.  R3hab begins with some big Progressive chords along with the trademark whistle only bring more Big Room vibes with a hands in the air type breakdown.  Last but not least, we have the funky House genius, Olav Basoski.  Nothing but pure House swing in this remix, plus an added Rock’n’Roll like percussion during the breakdown to introduce the funky lead.  All are great and very unique with my favorite being the Bingo Players remix.  Check them out and make sure to grab them at Beatport.

Bingo Players Remix…

R3hab Remix…

Olav Basoski Remix…


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