Deniz Koyu – Tung!

Now, I’m all for remixes, edits, sampling, and even re-using old ideas.  That’s why when I heard Deniz Koyu’s new track “Tung!” I was fairly happy to hear the old lead line from Who’s Who (aka Steve Angello) 2006 track “Not So Dirty” (via Big10HouseMafia).  Personally, I think Deniz beefs up the bass line much more the original track.  And who’s to say he can;t recreate the old line from memory?  Love the line with a beefed up bass line as well as the added percussion around it.  I’m sure Steve Angello was the first to receive this track in his inbox as soon as Deniz Koyu finished it.  I mean c’mon, these guys are professional!  Make sure to check out the track below and grab it at Beatport.  Also, check out the post Big10HouseMafia did on the alleged “plagiarism,” it makes for an interesting debate.

Deniz Koyu – Tung!


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