Beyoncé – Run The World (Girls) (Various Remixes)

Found these little gems perusing the internet the last couple of days.  Everybody with working ear drums knows that Beyoncé’s new single “Run The World (Girls)” samples the Major Lazer single “Pon de Floor.”  Personally, I can’t stand the original, mostly because of the use of EDM in Pop music today, but I can stand these awesome remixes from some EDM greatest producers.  First up, Kaskade dazzles us with an Electro take on the track, using driving chords and a laser like lead line to pierce through all the commotion.  The next remix comes from Paddywaggle, who is actually Louis La Roche for those unaware.  Paddywaggle is Louis’ Electro House alias which he plays around with from time to time.  Absolutely love this remix!  An awesome blend of Electro and Minimal elements to create a very down tempo, yet still entertaining, Electro remix.  Check out both and grab both!

Kaskade Club Mix…

Paddywaggle Remix…


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