David Guetta feat. Taio Cruz – Little Bad Girl (Various Mixes)

The next installment from David Guetta comes in the form of “Little Bad Girl” featuring the wonderfully elegant vocals of Taio Cruz and smooth flow of Ludacris.  Now, I am not the biggest David Guetta fan, mostly because of his influence in the growth of Electro Pop, but I will support this track, mostly because I believe the instrumental mix to be incredibly huge.  Not to mention, the remixes from Norman Doray and Fedde Le Grand aren’t bad either.  Fedde tones down the huge synth chords to make rook for the vocals, but does add his typical Big Room sounding synths.  Norman Doray keeps a lot of the original elements, but drops into a very acid sounding lead and arp.  Make sure you check out all the tracks, grab the original at iTunes, the instrumental at Beatport, and the remixes soon from EMI out soon.

Club Mix…

Instrumental Club Mix…

Fedde Le Grand Remix…

Norman Doray Remix…


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