Frankmusik – Do It In The AM feat. The Far East Movement (Various Remixes)

Got some great remixes for download today guys and gals.  Frankmusik isn’t a household name, but he definitely makes a lot of noise in EDM community.  His latest single “Do It In The Am” was released on Interscope Records and has been getting serious radio play across the pond in Europe.  I’ve assembled some remixes, two FREE for download, and a great club remix.  The first is from Lucky Date and Eli Smith; an absolute Electro bomb full of wobbles, lasers, and plenty of insanity.  The next remix is from recent SOMS favorites Kids At The Bar, along with Kroyclub.  These boys combine sounds of Big Room Progressive House with some dirty and gritty Electro emphasized by a huge distorted bass line.  The last, and my personal favorite, is the Dave Aude club remix.  Plenty of upbeat vibes and a creative use of the vocal to create tension and anticipation.  I advise you to check out all the remixes, grab the Lucky Date & Eli Smith remix, as well as the Kids At The Bar & Kroyclub remix, and look out for the Dave Aude remix out on Interscope Records.


The Lucky Date & Eli Smith remix was scooped by Interscope Records, so the free download was pulled.  Lucky Date says he will put the link back up soon.  Stay tuned!

Lucky Date & Eli Smith Remix…

Kids At The Bar & Kroyclub Remix…

Dave Aude Club Remix…


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