DJ Vehemence – Zodiaco (Vehemence’s Digital Eargasm Mix)

SOMS would like to formally introduce you to DJ Vehemence.  DJ Vehemence first approached SOMS with a re-edit he did of Johnny Mikes track “Raa Raa Kitten,” a bass heavy Electro track with a lot of attitude.  I never got around to actually posting the track, but when I checked back at DJ Vehemence a few weeks later and I found a gem I instantly fell in love with.  “Zodiaco” was the track, an insanely well arranged jacking House track with a lot of peak hour flavor.  Just listen to those horns!  Check out the track below and make sure to keep tabs on his soundcloud for a release from this talented Canadian.

Vehemence – Zodiaco (Vehemence Digital Eargasm Mix)


DJ Vehemence has been nice enough to also give us the re-edit he did for Johnny Mikes plus a great promotional mix of some his favorite Electro and House tracks.  Make sure to grab both my friends.

Johnny Mikes – Raa Raa Kitten (Vehemence Re-Edit)

Vehemence – Digital Eargasm Promo Mix


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  1. axory


    February 3, 2012 at 6:41 am

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