Rogerseventytwo – You Take Me Higher EP

Now you may now Rogerseventytwo as the other half of TWR72 (The Walk & Rogerseventytwo), but contrary to popular belief, Rogerseventytwo has had quite a long career as a solo act creating some of the very dark Electro House, which to no surprise must have led to his collaboration with The Walk on TWR72.  Nonetheless, Rogerseventytwo shows off his versatile production with a new EP out now on Fool’s Gold Records with a masterfully crafted three track Funk House EP.  Most notably is “You Take Me Higher” which has been around for quite sometime, but not has an actual label release.  “What You Wanna Be” is another great Funk House track through and through, with the last original “Future Funk” more on the French Filter House side of the stream.  Great remixes on the EP as well, so take a listen below and grab the whole EP on Beatport.

You Take Me Higher…

What You Wanna Be…

Future Funk…


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