Felguk – Blow Out

Disclaimer: I love Felguk.  I cannot get enough of their music and today we are blessed with another track from them.  This Brazilian DJ/producer duo seems like they can do no wrong.  I will not waste any more of your time with my babbling.  Go out and grab their new track “Blow Out” from Beatport.


Just in case you are not familiar with the auditory awesomeness that is Felguk, I thought I would leave you with a few songs to get yourself acquainted with them.

Felguk – 2Nite feat. Sporty O (Original mix)

***You might recognize this from the Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 trailer.***

Exceeder (Felguk remix)

***One of my favorite remixes out there***

Felguk – Buzz Me

Felguk, Tim Healey – Score

Felguk – Side by Side (Felguk Intro Remix)

***Some classic Felguk***

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