Kid Massive & Peyton – A Little Louder (Original + Various Remixes)

I was sent a preview of this track about two months ago and was told this would be the next big anthem of the summer.  Kid Massive is a favorite of mine because he seamlessly finds different genres of music to explore deeper and experiment with.  “A Little Louder” features the MALE vocals of House music vocalist Peyton which scream out loud to “crank it up!”  The original track is cross over of traditional House vibe with the vocals and drum patterns, but the piano synth and synths cross over into an almost Progressive and Electro feel.  Accompanying the original are remixes from TV Rock, Muzzaik, Bassjackers, and Damian William.  Love the hands in the air feel of the TV Rock remix, the grooving swing of the Muzzaik Tech House remix, the ingenuity of the sound design of Bassjackers remix, and the Big Room Progressive feel of the Damian William remix.  Preview all the track below and make sure to grab this summer anthem at Beatport.

Original Mix…

TV Rock Remix…

Muzzaik Remix…

Bassjackers Remix…

Damian Williams Remix…


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