Digitalism – I Club You, Dude EP

DIGITALISM, DIGITALISM, DIGITALISM!  That’s right, Digitalism is back again with an EP which I can only imagine is a providing promotion for June 20th release date of their new album “I Love You, Dude.”  Again, I may be biased here, but I think this EP is incredibly well done and maybe some of the best stuff Digitalism has released in the last year.  First up, “Encore” blasts you in the face with the typical Digitalism Electro Rock sound they are so famous for; simple, yet interesting bass line, guitar sounding distorted synths, and Rock n Roll drum patterns.  Next up is the unrestrained body blaster called “Antibiotic” which shows Digitalism’s appreciation of early German Techno.
Third, we have”Silenz” which drips with Digitalism flavor that reminds me a lot of “Zdarlight.”  Finally, we come to “Reeperbahn” which displays Digitalism’s true Punk Rock nature, showcasing highly distorted synths, Metallica like bass lines, pounding cymbals and hi hats, and don’t forget about the creepy pitched down vocal.  Love all the tracks, and I think you might too, so check them out, grab them at Beatport, and get ready for “I Love You, Dude” out on June 2oth.






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