Mord Fustang – A New World

With the amount of hype Mord Fustang has in the realm of Electro House and overall dance music, it surprises me how his tracks have minimal hype about their release dates.  For example, his latest Electro masterpiece, “A New World,” had little exposure or previews hanging around until I checked my inbox this morning saying it was available for purchase.  Maybe the Mord Fustang crew is just too crafty for us to see what they are really up to.  Anyways, back to the music, Mord strikes again with a great Electro track that infuses his typical arpeggiations, big synths, and bombastic wobbles.  Add a few instances of vocal sampling and chopping and you have “A New World.”  Don’t be surprised if Mord Fustang moves into Dubstep any time soon.  Listen to the track to see what I mean and then support Mord by buying it at Beatport.

Mord Fustang – A New World


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