Starkillers, David Solano & Dimitry KO – Bottle Pop

When Starkillers and Dmitry KO get together big things always happen, for example, “Odessa,” “Insomnia,” and “Bitch Ass Trick” just to name a few.  I’m surprised these guys haven’t created their own side project with the amount of danceable goodies they have put out.  Add this one out on Spinnin’ Records to the list as well.  The track is called “Bottle Pop,” which features Miami resident David Solano, guaranteed to get a few bottles of Champagne going around the world and in the clubs.  “Bottle Pop” moves through on a couple of hugely distorted sounds that drive the track, breaking down occasionally only to build up till the next bottle pops and the lead drops in.  Check it out below and make sure to grab this at Beatport to get the party started.

Starkillers, David Solano & Dmitry KO – Bottle Pop


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