Stars On 45 – 45 (Michael Jackson Is Not Dead vs Olav Basoski Extended Remix)

How this little golden nugget slipped past me is over my head, but it’s really catchy and some what humorous.  Now, there is nothing funny about the way the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died, nor was it the right time, but it never fails that when an icon, the size of Michael Jackson was around the world, that a little conspiracy starts.  Well, you can blame this one on Olav Basoski, editing his original remix of Stars On 45 “45” with a strangely computerized narrator explaining the whole conspiracy theory.  The whole song is quite humorous, like I said before, and the quick yelps and introductions from Michael Jackson really add to the Disco House track.  See if you find the same humor I do, and if not, rock out with the King of Pop.  Grab it at Beatport if you really like!

Stars On 45 – 45 (Michael Jackson Is Not Dead vs Olav Basoski Extended Remix)


There was a little bit of confusion in this post.  This track was not made by Olav Basoski, but what was meant to be conveyed was that it uses parts of his remix for Stars on 45, along with added elements from other tracks including the Michael Jackson vocals to create this track.  Repeat this is not Olav Basoski’s work.


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