Calvin Harris feat. Kelis – Bounce (Various Remixes)

After the major success of Calvin Harris’ latest single “Awooga” everybody’s favorite Scot gets remixed by some big time producers.  R3hab, Sandro Silva, and Michael Woods all remix the next single off Calvin Harris’ new album, “Bounce” featuring the vocals of Kelis.  Each track brings its own flavor with R3hab’s being a huge Electro Dutch type track, using the initial melody in the breakdowns.  Young and talented Sandro Silva creates a vocal remix that excites your ear drums with big sounding Trouse chords and Big Room melodies.  Finally, no stranger to bangers is Michael Woods’ remix which borders on Trouse and Dutch featuring Big Room builds, but a bleepy like Dutch lead.  Personal favorite, R3hab remix; absolutely murders the track.  Check out each below and be patient for the UK release June 12th and the US release shortly after.

R3hab Remix…

Sandro Silva Remix…

Michael Woods Remix…


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