Autoerotique – Freak (Sound of Stereo Remix)

I’m very happy to finally be doing a post on Sound of Stereo, the bass boys from across the pond.  Now, when the Freak EP came out, I immediately checked the title track “Freak” only to be let down a little bit.  Not that I didn’t like the track, I just felt Autoerotique could have created something a little more original, in your face, and banging.  I thought, oh well I guess I’ll just settle for “Turn Up The Volume.”  Well, now my favorite Belgians have resurrected “Freak” and added an intensely distorted bass line that pops the track to life.  Very simple remix, yet very powerful.  The elements Sound of Stereo added were well thought out, expertly programmed, and melodically designed to sock you in the face with bass!  Preview the track below and then grab it at Beatport along with the other great remixes from TAI, Them Jeans, and Joachim Garraud!

Autoerotique – Freak (Sound of Stereo Remix)


Couldn’t resist putting this nugget in here either.  TAI absolutely go bonkers with this remix.  Take a listen!

Autoerotique – Freak (TAI Remix)


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