Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, & Nayer – Give Me Everything (Various Remixes)

Another remix package for a pop song!  That’s right, Pitbull’s latest track “Give Me Everything” gets remixed by a handful of artists, almost all Dutch, who tear this track a new one.  The original track is good, at least for Top 40, but even with Afrojack on the record, it still sounds like he’s holding back.  Maybe I’m delusional, but when Afrojack does work for Top 40 artists, I sense he restrains from his usual debauchery, but maybe that’s to tailor to the radio more.  Anyways, not only does Afrojack remix his own track, but also on the bill is Sidney Samson, Bingo Players, Jump Smokers, and Apster.  Personally, all tracks are quality, but my favorite is Apster’s remix.  Apster creates a very dark and powerful lead that deserves nothing less than to be played on festival type speakers.  Behind Apster comes Jump Smokers and Bingo Players tied for second, and falling behind those come Sidney Samson followed by Afrojack.  Seems weird Afrojack falls to the end of my list, but he just didn’t have it on this one folks.  Sometimes the sun don’t shine ya know?  Anyways, listen to all of them and be patient for a release date.

Afrojack Remix…

Sidney Samson Remix…

Bingo Players Remix…

Jump Smokers Club Mix…

Apster Remix…


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