Sidney Samson – Miami WMC 2011 & Filter (Preview)

Really excited about this new track from Sidney Samson.  The video is very good, showcasing the highlights from Sidney’s WMC and MMW experience.  Although David Guetta can really get to me sometimes, preaching about love and music non stop, I really love his genuine character for supporting artists he loves.  Last year, entrenched in a Dutch obsession, he worked with Afrojack to really jumpstart an already great career into the mainstream.  Now, Afrojack is making records for Pitbull and Chris Brown.  Guetta’s new act is Sidney Samson, and lucky for Sidney because it seems he has a slew of tracks just waiting to be released that are blowing people’s minds.  “Filter” is the latest original to be dropped sometime in May, which features a very enchanting melodic pattern, layered with a wobble type element, into a rolling Dutch bass line.  If that made sense, check the video and listen to what I’m talking about.


One response

  1. RESPECT! This guy is like a MASTER ! 0/

    May 17, 2011 at 3:09 pm

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