Lady Gaga – Judas (Various Remixes)

I’ve been quite excited about this release for a while now and it’s finally here!  “Judas” the new single from Lady Gaga, has been getting some major attention from the EDM community.  The original track is extremely electronically based, like most pop music is today, and has been asked to be remixed by EDM giants like Thomas Gold, Chris Lake, R3hab, John Dahlback, and top 40 remixer, Dave Aude.  I’m a huge fan of all the remixes, but the one that catches my attention the most is the huge Thomas Gold anthem.  All the remixes are worth attention, whether it’s Chris Lake’s funky distorted bass line, Dave Aude’s creative use of the vocal, John Dahlback’s latin groove, or R3hab’s huge Dutch bomb.  Check out all the remixes and grab them soon at iTunes and Beatport!

Thomas Gold Remix…

Chris Lake Remix…

R3hab Remix…

John Dahlback Remix…

Dave Aude Remix


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