Howard Stern Talks Duck Sauce

Never thought I’d see the day the King of Radio would be talking about none other than Duck Sauce.  Apparently, Howard Stern hasn’t heard Duck Sauce’s dance floor killer and radio favorite “Barbra Streisand.”  The video really speaks for itself, but before any of you start moaning about Howard’s taste in music, please remember everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Just because Howard makes a comedic crack at the song doesn’t make his taste in music any better than anyone else’s.  No one genre of music is “better” or “worse” than others, remember that.  Maybe take a step back and see where he’s coming from (a obnoxious radio show host who doesn’t listen to EDM).  Personally, I love his comments on the song and Howard Stern talking about EDM on the radio is only building the brand in America even more.  With that, please enjoy the video!


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