Uppermost – System32 (Club Mix)

I included the original track in the huge Electro Exam post, but Uppermost really works some magic with his club mix.  Just too good not to post and discuss a little bit.  As I mentioned in the Electro Exam post, I’ve been noticing a trend in Electro to tone back the gritty-ness of the sound, yet keeping the melodic beauty of the track and making it more club friendly.  Uppermost, Mord Fustang and Alex Mind seem to be catching on and I’m curious to see how many others will.  The club mix of “System32” is almost better than the first, depending on your taste of Electro, using the same stabbed vocal but using more of the melodic elements of the huge synth line.  Check it out and remember to grab it at Juno!

Uppermost – System32 (Club Mix)


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