Alex Mind – Sunscream EP

I was going to talk about Identity Festival in this post, the first ever traveling all electronic music festival, coming to Chicago on August 11th, but those a$$holes at Identity thought it would be a good idea to $hit all over Chitown and get rid of the stop in the windy city because of Lollapalooza the week before.  Everything is still premature, but rumors are going around that this is the case….

However, don’t let those bad vibes get you down because Alex Mind is here to save the day.  OK I’ll admit it, I’m caught up in the Electro buzz just like everybody else is right now, but who wouldn’t be with the quality of these tracks.  Some tracks are point-blank in your face, some are melodically enchanting, and others are toned back a few gears for the clubs.  Alex Mind’s recent Sunscream EP is composed of “Sunscream” and “Push It.”  “Sunscream” is my favorite of the two, more because, as I mentioned earlier, the active decision by Alex Mind to tone back the Electro to work more in the club.  Still a huge banger, but the track encompasses more melodic elements instead of the usual Call & Response production.  “Push It” on the other hand is straight in your face Electro.  The track begins with a beautiful melody, almost as if it was played off a vintage piano, and moves into a introductory Dubstep section, only to slam you back on your heels with some Electro.  Love both tracks, and they are so needed on this long night of marketing and Mtn Dew.  Grab at Beatport if you begin to wind down, otherwise stream from SOMS!


Push It…


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