Electro Exam with SOMS

If you’re a UW student reading this, then you’ve got major exams coming up.  Finals suck, but what sucks even more is finding the energy to study.  Screw Red Bull, I say let me give you that motivation and even more.  Electro House is what I’m talking about.  It’s catching on fast, and it’s capturing the masses, plus it’s stealing a few fans from other genres as well.  So, here to put a little pep in your step, are some banging Electro House tracks to keep you up, keep you going, and if all else fails, to keep you from studying.  Enjoy!

First, we need to have you jumping out of your seats.  If I can’t wake you, then I have failed.  Here to help me is Dirty Rich.  Brand new Electro artist signed to Electro mega-label, Plasmapool.  Dirty Rich joins the cast of Miles Dyson, Hyphy, and Alex Mind at Plasmapool and he’s not playing around.  “Stun” is a funk and disco lovers paradise.  Dirty Rich adds some clever vocal samples and an intense Electro lead.  Check it and WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Dirty Rich – Stun

Now that we got you awake, it’s time to get you focused.  NAPT is here to assist me on this one.  Destroying the original DnB track from the Brookes Brothers, NAPT creates some insanely complex formant sounds.  Don’t get too focused on sounds coming out your speakers, rather use them as motivation.  Start studying, or at least try.

Brookes Brothers – Beautiful (NAPT Remix)

OK, you’re moving along with everything at a great pace, but you need some steady rhythm to stay on track.  I think my friend Alex Kidd USA can lend a hand.  Alex throws down over the already great Alix Mind and Frederik Olufsen track.  Big wobbles, big bass, big sounding chords.  Nothing too heavy here, that’s the point.  Just soothing (maybe that’s the wrong word) harmonic Electro to get you through the day.

Alex Mind & Frederik Olufsen – Rio to Cph (Alex Kidd USA Remix)

What’s that?  You’re tiring again?  Don’t worry, I’ve got someone here who may be able to help.  His name is MordFustang and he owns Electro House at the moment.  With “Lick The Rainbow” at #1 on the Beatport Main chart I think it’s appropriate to celebrate a little.  Nothing too much, but something to lift your spirits.  No, it’s not “Lick The Rainbow,” not “The Electric Dream” either, but “Milky Way.”  This song is too good to be forgotten.  Get that chin up son, Mord said so.

MordFustang – Milky Way

We’re almost there mate.  Just grind a little bit longer.  Here, take this.  It’s vitamin U, for Uppermost ya dig?  This should get you grinding.  That’s right, get mad.  Uppermost has your back, some big bass, some refreshing vocal stabs as well, but what’s got me is the creativeness of the entire track.  Get creative yourself and fight through the pain!

Uppermost – System32

You’re there, you’re finally there.  I think you deserve this.  No, really it’s my treat.  Darth & Vader are happy to help you celebrate.  But the battle isn’t over yet; you’ve got to get mad and kick the exam’s ass!  Nothing like the power of the force to beat your opponent.  Don’t let the Dark Side get you my friend, you put so much work into it.  Darth & Vader won’t let you take a break.  Just get in there and rage all over that exam.

Darth & Vader – Return of the Jedi

Your out of the exam, and you feel great.  Even if you don’t, get over it, it’s just a test, and you’re free!  Time to go dance, time to rage, time to party everybody.  I think Lazrtag said they just got out of an exam too and they are about to throw down.  Funny how things work sometimes.  Track is called “Dance!” and that’s what this post was meant to do.  Welcome to Summer vacation everybody!

Datarock – Dance! (Lazrtag Remix)


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