Avicii – Levels (ID)

I know what you’re all thinking and it’s true.  I’m a whore for Avicii, but there’s no way you people can get on my case for this.  Formerly known as “ID,” a title Avicii dubbed the track, to the best of my knowledge, because of the amount of ID requests by listeners for the track in his essential mix and DJ sets all over the globe.  “Levels” seems to be the working title for now, but who knows, Avicii, man of mystery, always seems to have something up his sleeve.  Words can’t describe how great this track is and how many people it has brought joy to.  I can say for myself, this track is undoubtedly the track of the summer.  For those ambitious enough to paint the town with me tonight, I’ll be field testing this anthem at the KK, so please, come on down!  No release date yet, but now you don’t have to listen to the shitty YouTube quality.

Avicii – Levels


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