Cosmic Kids – Reginald’s Groove (Classixx Remix)

Haven’t heard too much commotion from these to LA lads lately.  Classixx jumped on my radar with their incredible track “I’ll Get You” a must play from myself at the KK every Wednesday.  Beyond that, these two have been relatively quite, gearing up for what I assume would be an album in the near future.  Classixx roots themselves in the always funky bass line, paired with an incredible gift for creating groove within their percussion.  Evident in their remix for Cosmic Kids’ “Reginald’s Groove” is an even greater understanding for funk piano chord progressions.  Absolutely fell in love with their use of the vocal sample and the subtle risers they use to create tension.  You’d be crazy not to take a listen and grab your own copy at Beatport.

Cosmic Kids – Reginald’s Groove (Classixx Remix)


Check out and download your own copy of their new single forthcoming on their new album.  No real news on the album, but if it sounds anything like “Into The Valley” I’m guaranteeing it to be a hit.  Download, share, and enjoy!

Classixx feat. Karl Dixon – Into The Valley


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