Bingo Players & Nicky Romero – Sliced

What is going on with all these great collaborations lately?  You’ve got Tiesto working with everybody, Afrojack dutching out with everybody, and now House enthusiasts Bingo Players and Nicky Romero are teaming up?  Must be something in the water, or maybe the synths?  Enough questions, the only question you’re asking yourself is “Clavé is this track big, sexy, and/or will it make me dance?”  The answer to all of those questions is YES!  These three hit a home run with this track, nothing but Big Room House and a well chopped sample.  I will say that I feel like the Bingo Players influence are heavier than Nicky’s just because I don’t hear the Nicky Romero percussion seal of approval.  Nonetheless, great track to get your drink on to.  Keep your eye for the release in May.

Bingo Players & Nicky Romero – Sliced


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