Felix Cartal & Keatch – Solar EP

My man Felix Cartal is back with a great collaboration with Belgium bass head Keatch.  The combination of Felix’s harsh bass heavy productions and Keatch’s own moderate style of piecing harmonic melodies together with distorted bass creates a perfect blend of each others style.  “Solar” sports an incredibly epic build to begin the track into a triple fudge sundae of distorted bass, descending chords, and plenty of sweeps and bleeps to make your mouth water.  Very refreshing to break away from Felix’s recent, more intense productions, like “The Joker,” and move into something composed of more harmonic instruments.  “Lunar” is no exception either, great layered harmonics and melodies perfectly crafted under the mystical powers of the lunar eclipse.  Check the breakdown around 3:30 where the duo fill the space between moon and earth with some enchantingly relaxing chords, only to build the entire track back into the madness.  Get into all the orbital movements here and then grab your copy at Beatport.




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