Sander van Doorn – Koko

Finally, one of the biggest tracks of Ultra is here.  Although I was not in attendance when Sander van Doorn through down in the Carl Cox Arena, I’ve seen the destruction he unleashed and the amazing response of the crowd to his newest track “Koko.”  Sander has said that this track began with him just whistling the melody into a microphone.  Pretty crazy the way producers work sometimes ain’t it?  Still, no matter how Sander created this masterpiece, he is definitely winning with this track already in the Beatport Progressive House chart Top 10.  I’m sure this track is ready to keep climbing, question is, are you ready for a little “Koko.”  If you answered yes to that question, grab your own here at Beatport.  Get whistling people!!

Sander van Doorn – Koko


Another great release off of Sander’s label Doorn Records.  Manuel De La Mare & Paul Thomas move towards a driving Trance type track.  Listen towards the second half of the track.  Great super saw Trance chords!!

Manuel De La Mare & Paul Thomas – Circle Of Life


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