Flo Rida – Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1) The Remixes

Flo Rida is definitely not one of my favorite artists, but he’s not an artist I really don’t like either.  He’s very neutral for me, but he has shown his interest in collaborating with Dance producers and musicians, and that’s alright with me.  For example, on his most recent album “Only One Flo (Part 1)” Flo Rida had Axwell, David Guetta, and Dada Life produce tracks for the album.  Dada Life actually produced this track “Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1), where the Swedes definitely leveled back their usual chaos of bass to produce a more radio friendly track for Flo.  Of course, when fellow producers break through into the mainstream, a slew of remixes is eminent, and the producers on this remix package are impressive and don’t dare disappoint.

First up is electro head DJ Bam Bam.  Bam Bam hits you in the face with a great Dutch like lead, yet still reserved enough to be called straight Electro House.

DJ Bam Bam Remix…

Next up is no stranger to SOMS, Nicky Romero.  Nicky makes the best use of the chord progression within the key to create a seriously epic breakdown and build.  Not to mention typical interest keeping percussion from the percussive master per usual.

Nicky Romero Remix…

SOMS new favorite, John De Sohn creates a fast paced bass driven track that borders on the line of Trance and Progressive House.  This track gets very big at points and then settles back down for The Flo to make an appearance.

John De Sohn Remix…

Sebjak is a serious favorite of mine, but I can’t say I’ve done a post on him till now.  That is just going to have to change.  Sebjak uses the chord progression of the key very well, like Nicky, but goes for a more House oriented piano where Nicky focuses on a more Progressive House feel.  This remix may be the biggest of them all, which is really saying something.

Sebjak Remix…

Now I don’t want to forget anybody, but the whole remix package is amazing.  Other remixes include Firebeatz, AK, and Westfunk & Steve Smart so if you like what you’ve heard, either check out the rest or grab your favorite at Beatport.


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