Dirtyloud – Needle

You may be unfamiliar with Dirtyloud, and if you are, it’s OK my friend.  Dirtyloud hails from Brazil as does Felguk, but the similarities really stop there.  Both Electro House based, Dirtyloud focuses on intense Call & Response production where Felguk finds more melodic electro their niche.  “Needle” is the first original production from these two in about five months, and how needed it is.  Dirtyloud has moved to Electro House based around Dubstep style sounds.  Lots of formant vowel sounding wobbles, followed by killer machine gun bass, and a final dose of traditional wobble on top.  These boys actually dominated the Beatport Dubstep chart number one spot for about a months before being dethroned.  Caution: you may feel symptoms to relapse after listening, if so, it’s perfectly fine!  Grab it at Beatport to feed your addiction!

Dirtyloud – Needle


Here’s the track that topped the Beatport Dubstep Charts for about a month.  Very hard Dubstep, but not your traditional sounds.  Maybe that’s why it did so well.  #BeUnique

Tim Healey vs. Calvertron – Rock It Roll It (Dirtyloud Remix)


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