Daft Punk – End Of Line (NeeliXxX Remix)

Remember when I posted about the Tron: Legacy R3configur3ed album?  If you don’t I’ll refresh you what was said.  Basically, Busy P ripped Disney for including so few producers, especially ones that were really worthy of the album.  To paraphrase, he said it was like they grabbed the DJs right out of the airport, instead of doing their homework and finding the best producers to put on the album.  Well, now I can say I know what he was talking about as I found this little goodie.  NeeliXxX is a French producer who has taken the original “End Of Line” and turned it much more gritty electro, and almost bordering acid house.  Nothing against Photek, but this track is much better, much more complex, and well thought out then Photek’s “End Of Line” remix.  Even better, this track is free!  Enjoy and have a great Mifflin Music Week!

Daft Punk – End Of Line (NeeliXxX Remix)


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