Digitalism – 2 Hearts

Now a little back story for this post.  When I first got into EDM, Digitalism was one of the first acts I fell in love with.  I must have listened to the entire “Idealism” album probably 50 to 60 times in a month, memorizing every little bleep, riser, lyric and hook.  At that point in my life, I thought nobody was better than this dynamic duo from Germany.

Now, I’m still convinced nobody makes Electro Rock House better than these boys, and their first single “2 Hearts” off their new album “I Love You, Dude,” which is to be released later this year, reassures my thoughts.  Again, Digitalism sticks to what they know, and it pays off big.  The 80’s influenced love song really catches my ear and the perfectly written lyrics and vocals hold me through out the entire track.  Best thing about this track is, ITS FREE!!  So go ahead download, enjoy, and anticipate!

Digitalism – 2 Hearts


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